Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Great gifts for the big bro or big sis.

Uglydolls: big sister gifts, big brother giftsWe’re chock full of suggestions for newborn gifts – that is our specialty after all – and we tell you about our favorites often. Today we’re feeling the love for all the big sisters and brothers out there who deserve a little something special too.

Isn’t that darn baby getting enough already anyway? The old nursery, visits from friends and family, and of course Mom and Dad’s undivided attention.

We would love to hear your suggestions for older sibling gifts, so by all means, send them in to us at info[at]

Here are a few recommendations that we hear have been a big hit with all the big brothers and sisters out there:

Monogrammed Angel Dear Pillows – these are the perfect cuddling partner for naptime, movie night (no babies allowed!), and especially road trips.

Lilly Bean Play Food – obviously fun for girls, but also for tiny chefs in-the-making

Uglydolls – ideal for little guys in need of a pal

Sundrop Felt Hair Clips – because newborns have yet to grow their lovely locks, this is one gift only big sis can enjoy

Sassy Baby Bath Toys – while baby gets his scrub down in the sink, big brother or sister can brush up on their new counting skills in the big kid bath

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