Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sweet gifts for sweethearts

The Baby Bunch Lollipop OnesieShower the new little sugar in your life with gifts inspired by your favorite treats.

As if the widdle onesies and precious PJs aren’t tempting enough, The Baby Bunch and Baby Aspen have added a packaging twist that is simply irresistible.

Each bakery-inspired box from The Baby Bunch contains cleverly-folded cupcake onesies with delectable detailing. On sale now, you can grab a 2 pack for $20 or a 4 pack for $32, no wrapping required! Or the lovely lollipop onesie turns any plain package into an instant unique baby shower gift.

And Baby Aspen has churned out yet another clever idea with its “Pint of PJs”, an adorable ice cream pint filled with a pair of pj’s and a sundae-sweet cap.

Both make easy, grab-and-go baby shower gifts sure to satisfy any new mama’s cute gift craving.

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