Tuesday, March 30, 2010

One sweet story: Herman’s Journey

Herman's Journey Children's Caterpillar BookMaybe this book strikes a nerve with me because it’s a true tale of two friends on an amazing journey together. Or perhaps it’s simply the brilliant artwork, the unique story, and the heartfelt writing.

All I know is I heart Herman, and the impact he had on Kaaren and Jamina on their road trip to experience a kirtan: a tradition celebration from the land of India.

If you’re looking for a super cool baby shower gift, of course we’ve got you more than covered. But if the little pea has a big bro or sis, Herman’s Journey is the perfect special something for the sibling.

The touching caterpillar children’s book comes with an 'I Heart Herman' button, and handmade finger puppets, perfect for putting on a show for baby.

By the way, this month marks the third anniversary of another incredible adventure of two friends. Two Blue Peas turns three! I love you Helen...BFF ;)

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