Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Supersize your Angel Dear blankie!

Angel Dear blankies are all the buzz! These precious, soft little lovies help soothe your baby to sleep or comfort on a road trip. Monogram them and they're yours forever. But, as your little gets older, he/she may outgrow her lovie phase and require something more substantial. Angel Dear makes a napping blanket that is perfect for that transition.

These supersized blankets are just as soft, cuddly and precious, but they are big enough to wrap up with during a nap. I know my little (I guess she's a big now) adores her napping blanket. It's her big girl version of the lovie. And, pretty much goes with her everywhere.

So, if your baby is just too big for a blankie, get her a napping blanket and she'll be in love!

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