Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Angel Dear “Stuffies” Hand Knit Animals

Angel Dear Stuffies Hand Knit Stuffed AnimalsThere comes a point when your “baby” – insert dramatic sigh here – is no longer really a baby.

You’ve introduced solid foods, dropped the crib mattress down to the lowest level, and washed the beloved Angel Dear blankie so many times it’s almost criminal.

Once you deem it time to officially retire the blankie, that certainly doesn’t mean your little rascal doesn’t still need a bedtime buddy or a playtime pal to drag along with you to run errands or go on trips.

Still as adorable – dare we say even more so? – are the new “Stuffies” hand knit stuffed animals by Angel Dear. They’re more grown up with limbs and “clothes”, including sweet scarves to match their fantastic striped pants.

Made of 100% cotton and measuring in at 12 inches tall, they’re perfect for stuffing in a backpack or toting on a plane.

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