Friday, June 6, 2008

Tempt picky palates with FeedBlitz

Running an online business leaves me little spare time for any of the personal pleasures I used to indulge in throughout the day. Weekdays used to start with a big breakfast, followed by browsing my favorite design sites, hunting for fun recipes, and catching up on what’s happening in the rest of the world – Hollywood included.

Nowadays, I wake up early, slurp down a quick bowl of instant oatmeal, and get cracking on the day’s to-do list. I’ve been forced to learn how to sneak in my own little happies as efficiently as possible.

Now a self-proclaimed pro of the online world and blogosphere, I take full advantage of the technologies available to help make information gathering fast, easy, and virtually void of human effort.

Enter FeedBlitz and my carefully crafted, extremely selective daily feed of highlights from my favorite sites and blogs. All I did was sign up for an account, add my favorite URLs, then voila! A tidy little email hits my inbox each morning ready for the skimming.

I may not be extremely well-versed on the happenings in the outside world, but at least now I’m able to be slightly more than worthless at a dinner party.

I’d like to give a shout out to all of those who have made the cut, but I think one at a time will do. Today, it’s Jenny from Picky Palate.

She’s an energetic stay-at-home-mom with a house full of picky eaters. She’s self-taught, too young to have as many good recipes under her belt as she does, and is forever coming up with creative ideas for stuff that’s already in my kitchen.

Here’s to FeedBlitz and Picky Palate for making mealtime fresh and fast.

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