Monday, February 23, 2009

Tips for swaddling your sweetie

Swaddle Designs Baby Swaddling BlanketsIt’s no secret that newborns like to be bundled up warmly and securely. After spending nine months in the comfort of their own toasty little womb, the sights, sounds, and temperatures of the outside world can be a bit overwhelming.

I’ve been out of the womb for thirty years now and sometimes this world even makes me wish for a good swaddling.

Baby swaddling dates back centuries, and there’s a bundle of reasons why this practice is still popular and highly recommended by physicians today.
  • It’s a great way to soothe and calm a baby by giving her a sense of security and closeness
  • It can help your baby (and you!) sleep longer because it prevents sudden movements that might abruptly wake her
  • It helps to eliminate the risk of SIDS by keeping her tightly wrapped in one position (ideally on her back) throughout the night and during naps
  • It can help with breastfeeding to keep her focused on the task at hand, rather than all the new things she could reach out and explore
  • It helps to regulate temperature, which babies cannot do as well as adults yet
  • A swaddled little baby burrito is easier to hold, rock, and pass off to Grandma of course
Two Blue Peas has a couple of swaddling blanket options to make the art of swaddling as easy as 1-2-3: the SwaddleDesigns Ultimate Receiving Blanket and the BabyBonkie.

Developed by an RN, the SwaddleDesigns Ultimate Receiving Blanket is the perfect size and weight for traditional swaddling. They are made in America, wash beautifully, and have a cheat sheet stitched right on the label.

First, lay the blanket on a flat surface at an angle (it should look like a diamond), then fold the top corner of the diamond down about 6 inches. Place your baby on the center of the blanket with her head just above the 6 inch fold.

Step 1:
Pull the left side of the blanket across your baby’s chest (arms in!) and tuck the fabric snugly under her right side.

Step 2:
Lift the bottom corner of the diamond up and tuck smoothly under her left shoulder and back

Step 3:
Pull the right corner across to her left side and tuck it tightly into the folded blanket on her left shoulder.

If 1-2-3 is not easy enough, the BabyBonkie dumbs it down even more. Just slip your baby into the pocket, and fold over the two side flaps, which securely fasten with Velcro. Voila! Easy enough for your husband or a sleep-deprived zombie to do.

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