Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Jack & Lily shoes with sole

Jack & Lily ShoesI'm writing this blog entry with the James Brown song in the back of my head...I'm a soul man, do-do-do-do-do, soul man. Or, in this case soul woman. Feel free to hum along as you read.

Finding the right pair of baby shoes is tricky when your little one starts walking. There's a balance (no pun intended) of the right kind of leather, shape and sole. Too chunky and your bub is walking around like Frankenstein. Not enough padding and the nearest puddle soaks right through.

Jack & Lily has upgraded the all-leather slip-on shoe with a line that has real soles (or soul). With soft, flexible, skid resistant TPR soles, these shoes can be worn indoors and out. Jack & Lily shoes provide a soft, snug fit that is great for early walkers in non-toxic, breathable, premium cowhide leather. On top of all the goodness that went into the engineering, the designs are adorable and recommended by podiatrists.

Check out all Jack & Lily shoes on twobluepeas.com!

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