Thursday, February 28, 2008

Style file: Project Runway

Last night Bravo aired the second to last episode of Project Runway. This was the big "walk-off", sudden death design as my husband liked to call it for the last spot at New York's Fashion Week. Project Runway is by far my favorite show on television. I know I've raved about it before, but really it is the absolute best. One of the designers in the "walk-off" last night actually used human hair in his designs. Creepy? Yes, very. Creative? Absolutely.

The remaining designers are Rami, Jillian and Christian. All of whom have an amazing talent for design. My money is on my favorite, Jillian. She has been working at Ralph Lauren and has this amazing sense of strength and ingenuity in her designs. Your fan favorite Christian is I'm sure to be fierce, but I think he may lack the experience to pull it off. Rami, well is Rami. Brilliant, but probably won't take as much risk in his designs.

Really they all have a chance to win it. We will just have to see who is in next week. Don't forget to watch the finale next week, Bravo Wednesday, 9 pm (CT) or check out

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