Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Culture shot: the cradle will rock

MMW: Let’s Go EverywhereLong gone are the days of frilly smocked outfits and the Dorothy Hamill haircut. Thanks to hip mamas like Kate Hudson and Gwen Stefani, ric rac and pigtails have been replaced with mini designer jeans, vintage tees, and long, free-flowing locks.

Today’s kiddos are way too cool for old John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt. They need groovy music to match their newfound style. Enter Medeski Martin & Wood and their inaugural children’s album, "Let’s Go Everywhere".

I’ve been a fan of MMW’s improv-style, electronic-funk jazz since my early college days. As an adult, their music always makes me want to get up and dance like nobody’s watching. You know, like when you were a kid.

This album is a fantastic blend of whimsical lyrics, grown-up composition and downright jams. With tunes like "Pirates Don’t Take Baths" and "Where’s the Music" belted out on the keyboard, you'll happily oblige the again! again! again! requests.

John Medeski put it best when he noted that “in most cultures of the world, there is no distinction between music for children and music for everyone else."

But why? We’re most open to new ideas and experiences when we’re little. Why not introduce your brood to richer sounds that inspire creativity and true love of music?

Go ahead. Eject Elmo, pop in "Let’s Go Everywhere", and wave your hands in the
ay-air like you just don’t cay-are.

> Visit MMW’s "Let’s Go Everywhere" page on myspace.com

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