Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Culture shot: mail order granny

NetGrannyIt's not as dirty as it sounds. And we’re not talking about a lifelong commitment here. But it turns out that for the bargain price of around $45 (I know, ouch!), you can order a custom pair of hand-knit socks from a silver-haired sweetie across the pond at NetGranny.

The price tag is a smidge steep, and the site is primarily in German, but the concept is absolutely adorable and gives talented grannies something to do while watching QVC and re-runs of As the World Turns all day.

Here in America, the only granny you get is the one that birthed your mother or father. Evidently in Germany, you can simply thumb through some photos and pick your preferred granny based on her smile, knitting skills, and lead time to create a cozy pair of socks.

Head on over to NetGranny for a one-of-a-kind pair of socks, a laugh, and if nothing else, a virtual pinch on the cheek.

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