Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Culture shot: giving bag to the community

Musical handbags – we’re all guilty of it. I’ve probably owned more purses than underwear in my lifetime.

You “need” a diaper bag (of course), a big roomy bag for every day use, a small dressy clutch for special occasions, a sporty sack for outdoor events and concerts, a bright funky tote for traveling… and you probably buy a new set of all these to follow the trends each season.

Women are able to justify a new handbag for pretty much any reason. How about one more, much better reason? FredaLA’s “Success is in the Bag” handbag donation drive.

FredaLA.com is donating gently-used, work-appropriate handbags to the lovely ladies of La Posada – a two year transitional home for teen mothers in California. In return, donators receive a $20 FredaLA.com gift certificate. Talk about win-win.

In addition to providing day care, domestic violence protection, and parenting classes, La Posada has helped young women achieve increased job preparedness, employable skills, and job stability since 1985.

"To get a job you've got to walk in the door looking great and feeling great,” says FredaLA founder Freda Kunin. “Sometimes, for a woman, it's as simple as a new handbag – a seemingly small luxury that many of us take for granted."

Handbag donations (new or used) can be made through FredaLA.com or by calling (888) 987-5678 and mailing them to:

FredaLA (Attn: La Posada)
9903 Santa Monica Blvd #349
Beverly Hills, CA 90212.

Full details on the program and how to get your $20 gift certificate are available online at www.fredala.com.

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