Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Things we love: Angel Dear Monograms

Lovies are a toddler essential. Trips to the doctor, a relief with a babysitter and times when mom isn't around. A lovie is the perfect toddler comfort item. And, gone are the days of plain blankets. Lovies come in all shapes, sizes and species.

Angel Dear makes, in my opinion, one of the best lovies. They are the perfect size, 14” square, and made of the softest, most durable material. These guys can be rubbed, loved, dragged on the floor and still look impeccable. They come in adorable animal shapes - puppies, lions, frogs, bunnies, ducks, monkeys, giraffes, you name it, and Two Blue Peas carries it.

Best of all, these lovies can be monogrammed. Siblings won’t confuse their lovies, and forget about it being swiped at daycare. Your child’s name can be emblazoned on the side with pride. My little one has been drooling on her duck lovie for a year and a half. And, each time I can pry it out of her hands for a wash and dry, her Angel Dear looks brand new!

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