Thursday, April 24, 2008

Style file: the Two Blue Peas meet Tim Gunn!

Two Blue Peas and Tim GunnLast night, our fashion fantasy came true.

Not only did Helen and I sit front-and-center at an exclusive fashion show emceed by the Royal Fashion Highness himself, but we were able to shake his hand, giddily introduce ourselves, and pose for a lovely photo opp. Which, of course, was set against a petal pink backdrop that coordinated perfectly with his tie and rosy cheeks.

Going into the event, I expected nothing less than pure poise, eloquence, and stylish brilliance. I’m happy to report that Mr. Gunn certainly “made it work”.

The way he presented each look that sashayed down the runway inspired me to re-think my wardrobe and the way I dress myself each morning. By the end of the show, I had mentally created a gargantuan giveaway pile and simple checklist of key items missing from my closet.

It’s not about keeping up with the trends or replicating your favorite star’s look from head to toe. It’s about finding your own inner style and then knowing how to piece a collection together that can be mixed and matched, dressed up or down, and accessorized inexpensively to keep each look fresh.

Here are the takeaways from the soiree that I’d like to share:
  • Know who you are and how you wish to be perceived by others
  • There is no right or wrong in fashion (only a right and wrong way to achieve a true self “style”)
  • Rid yourself of boundaries and try on anything that interests you – you just never know
  • Pay attention to silhouette, proportion, and fit, and always prioritize those first when shopping
  • Arm your closet with a variation of Tim’s "10 essential elements", keeping in mind that these 10 should vary wildly from one woman to the next, depending on her inner style
Looking around the room I saw silent nods, heard oohs and ahhs, and almost sensed a newfound confidence among the ladies in attendance desperately seeking some direction on how to achieve a personal style.

Bravo Mr. Gunn. It was a delight meeting you, and an inspiring experience to say the least. Until next time, Auf Wiedersehen!

> Tim Gunn: A Guide to Quality, Taste and Style (book)
> Tim Gunn's Guide to Style (tv series)
> Project Runway (greatest show on Earth)

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