Monday, June 9, 2008

Culture shot: Hokey Pokey, what it's all about

I think the last time I did the Hokey Pokey I was at a roller rink at probably age 7 or so. Putting my left skate in and left skate out, shaking it all about. I never really thought much about the Hokey Pokey until the song was included on Lillie's latest music class CD.

Lillie really enjoys 'If your happy and you know it' and all the movements associated with that song, so I thought we'd give the Hokey a try. Instant success! She loved the music, the movements and definitely the shaking. I kept hearing, "I want Pokey again". As we ran out of body parts to shake, I had to make up some new ones that the old version didn't have in it. Like our belly, arms, elbows and knees.

This is definitely an oldie that you need to revisit. I've copied the lyrics, so you and your little ones can know what it’s all about.

You put your right hand in,
You put your right hand out,
You put your right hand in,
And you shake it all about,

You do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around
That what it's all about.

2) left hand
3) right foot
4) left foot
5) head
6) bottom
7) whole self

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