Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Things we love: sleeves on a blanket

SlanketAs I sit here trying to pick something I love to post about today, my creative juices are frozen stiff by the frigid air surrounding me. I wake considerably earlier than my husband – who insists on sleeping in near arctic conditions – so the first hours of my day are spent braving an indoor TX blizzard while trying to get some work done.

Begin Billy Mays’ (you know, the extra loud bearded Oxyclean guy) screaming voice:

Is your husband a polar bear? Does a standard blanket make it tough to take care of normal tasks like typing, reading, channel surfing, or drinking coffee? Are your legs toasty but your arms left out in the cold for dead? Are you too cool for a bathrobe?

Over dramatization aside, all of these things seriously used to annoy me. Until my husband stumbled upon The Slanket! Though not the most attractive throw on the market, this seriously is The. Best . Blanket. Ev-uh.

It’s warm and fleecy, and big enough to cover me and provide shelter for the kitties. But best of all, it has arm holes so I can read magazines, eat my breakfast, and blog in the mornings without risking a precious limb to frost bite.

Oh, and now they make ‘em for kids. Perfect for chilly winter strolls around the block.

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