Monday, April 14, 2008

Mommy Diaries: Battle of the No's

How can such a small word create this twitch in the back of my neck? I know it's common for toddlers to use the word "no". Unfortunately it is easy to say, repeat and turn into a really long whine. I think it is Lillie's favorite word besides "want". What all the parenting articles online don't tell you is just how annoying the word "no" can become.

Experts suggest that you shouldn't use the word often, so your toddler won't pick up on it. I feel like i don't say "no" a lot to Lillie. I try to say "don't" "stop" or "please". And, often "no" is followed by "ma'am", just to give it a nicer feel. Alas, Lillie still uses it as often and loud as possible. Try to get her to do something small like put on shoes, "NOOOOOOO" is all I hear. Would you like to eat your lunch? "nnooooo, NOOOOOOO!"

I don't know how long this phase will last, but I'm trying to cope. I ignore, give in to demands and try to distract as soon as that word hits the front of her lips. I hope as her vocabulary grows her need for the word "no" will dissipate. I'm sure it will be replaced with other varied words of meanness towards her mommy, but I think at this point I might like that better. Give me "stupid", "absolutely not" or "I hate you", anything just not that little, tiny booger of a word "no".

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