Friday, May 16, 2008

How can we help these children?

Two natural disasters in the Eastern part of the world have left hundreds of thousands in need. The cyclone that hit Myanmar and flooding has destroyed basically an entire country. Hundreds of thousands without clean water, food and because the country is so impoverished help is slow coming.

The earthquake in China is equally as disturbing. If we can imagine in a country where people live on top of one another, packed buildings, apartments and schools and in a few minutes so many of those structures came crumbling down. Disastrous consequences ensued.

As we can imagine many of those hurt, hungry and in need are children. Like many others I was wondering how can we help these children in need? Thankfully the wonderful organization, Red Cross, has been there to help. And, as they work tirelessly in those effected areas to bring food and shelter, we can help them financially. Even a small donation to the Red Cross will go a long way. So, pass up that Starbucks coffee this afternoon and send your $4.50 to someone in need.

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