Friday, December 7, 2007

Domestic diva...Not me!

There are many famous domestic divas in this world - Nigella Lawson, Rachel Ray and my favorite Martha Stewart. These ladies have taken their cooking and decorating skills public, made themselves famous and in turn kind of make me feel bad about my lack of domestic skills.

Tomorrow my good friend Christie is hosting a Christmas cookie exchange. Wonderful idea and I'm so glad to have an activity tomorrow while Cy is in Las Vegas with the boys for a bachelor party (we won't even go there today). The idea is everyone is to bring a cookie batch and we'll exchange, so our households will have lots of sugar for the next few weeks. When I get this invitation in the mail, I immediately have a mini panic attack. What kind of cookies am I going to bake? Do I have to open one of the thirty cookbooks I have, read it and create a batch of cookies? Lord help me, I don't know the difference between baking soda and powder!

I decided that it probably wasn't kosher to bring a batch of pre-made frozen cookies I already have in the freezer. Even though the famous domestic divas set the bar way too high for all us common folk. I will be calling on them and honing my inner Martha to create the most wondrous batch of chocolate Christmas cookies you've ever tasted. Dear God, please don't let me burn them...

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