Friday, November 30, 2007

Catalog Overload!

Holy catalog attack! I hadn't had a chance to pick up my mail this week until this morning. And, my goodness, it was crammed packed with catalogs. Now, I know as well as anyone that this is the holiday shopping season. Believe me, Two Blue Peas has upped its number of emails going to customers to find our fair share of holiday spending. But, I have to complain about all our big retail friends. What is with sending 5 catalogs per day?

I knew I would have a few catalogs in the ol' mailbox this morning, but I wasn't expecting 25. That's right, 25 freshly inked catalogs donning holiday gifts galore. The paper industry must be making big bucks this season and the poor, poor trees. This is why I must promote more online shopping. Two Blue Peas believes in saving trees and paper alike, that is why we are online only. In this day and age where the Earth is suffering for our pollution, it only makes sense to house stores and catalogs in the digital world.

The moral of the story is shop online! Save a tree. Cancel your catalog and do your part to be a little greener this holiday.

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