Monday, December 10, 2007

Our first bit of blood

It was bound to happen sooner or later. Lillie took her first two big tumbles that caused bleeding. I have to admit, I'm a cautious mother and I really don't put Lillie in harm's way too often. The "oh they'll learn not to do (or touch) that" method of parenting doesn't really sit well with me. First, I'm the biggest weenie known to man. And, when my baby gets hurt, I'm hysterical. So, to make sure I'm not in misery all the time, I keep a pretty close eye (or tight leash, however you would put it) on my little one.

Well, as all good things with parenting go, you can't plan for the unexpected. Lillie, her cousin Anna, Julia, my dad and I were at an outdoor restaurant last week. Lillie was such a good girl during dinner. Its amazing how a batch of french fries can keep a toddler occupied. Miss Thing was done with dinner, so I decided to let her wander around with her cousin. Didn't think there was too much that could harm them, and I was standing 4 inches from her the whole time. As Lillie was teetering around me to get to something way cool on the other side of the patio, she tripped and busted her chin on an umbrella stand (sans umbrella). Instant panic, freak out, holy crap, my baby just died right here in the restaurant...damn those owners not putting these things away!

The same night Cy was putting Lillie to bed and just before turning out the lights she was having a romp fest in her crib. Her Dad had just given me a speech on how he was glad the first major bang up happened in my presence, so he wouldn't be given the 3rd degree and stink eye for a month. And, wouldn't you know lights go out and BAM Lillie is in mid-romp and busts her eye on the side of the crib. How you ask? I have no idea I only heard the screaming. But, how do you like that for irony.

All-in-all Lillie is healing just fine, and really she was over it in 5 minutes. Me, on the other hand, can't stop thinking about it. The blood, the tears, my sweat. I need to learn to be brave and cool, and all those things that experienced parents are. Maybe after the 20th fall I will get there. I just don't look forward to three through twenty.

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