Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Culture shot: postal produce

A self-proclaimed (quasi) hippie that will probably never let go of over-processed breakfast cereals, I’ve become a total organic snob when it comes to produce.

Aside from supporting the locals and keeping my body free of pesticides, I just think “green” greens taste substantially better. And browsing the chilly aisles for new and unusual in-season veggies is an adventure for me.

But that’s probably because my grocery-getting runs are without little ones under foot. I realize that unless you’re able to nab the 12-foot-long kiddie cart with the built in car, the produce aisle is typically sped through at 100 miles an hour to avoid any mishaps involving an entire end cap of cantaloupe.

Thanks to a new wave of environmentally-responsible home delivery services, stocking your fridge with healthy eats is easy, surprisingly affordable, and a lot less stressful than toting your tots to store.

Austin’s Greenling was my first introduction to this brilliant concept. Though I just learned about it and have yet to sign up, I don’t see any reason not to once I get a free minute to fill up my virtual basket.

The long and short is that you tell them what you want, when you want it delivered, and then you eat it. It’s fresh-from-the-garden goodness without the back-breaking labor.

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