Monday, September 22, 2008

Mommy diaries: My big two year old

Last week marked Lillie's second birthday. We had a big celebration the weekend before with friends, cake and even an inflatable bouncy house in my game room. It was a sugar-filled, loud afternoon, and well worth every minute planning and running around.

Lillie has been fascinated by birthdays and birthday parties all summer. It started with her cousin Anna turning three. And, every time a birthday song was sung, Lillie insisted on putting Anna’s name as the birthday person. But, soon she started to realize that it was going to be Lillie’s birthday this summer, as well.

We practiced singing happy birthday, candle-blowing and talked a lot about birthday cake leading up to the big party. As everyone gathered around for the big birthday singing moment, my outgoing little girl turned shy. She stared in the distance wondering why we were all looking at her and didn’t even sing the song to which she knows all the words.

The best part, however, was the blowing of the candles. Once the song was done, and Lillie breathed a sigh of relief, Cy and I let her know she could blow out the candles. And, to our surprise she got one of them out, but needed help on the second. Once the candles were out and clapping started, Lillie was happy again. “Whew, everyone isn’t looking at me still.” I could feel her thinking!

This birthday cake moment is a stark contrast to last year when she stuck her poor little one year old finger right in the flame of the candle. Tears and heartbreak on Lillie and my part were consumed with her little moment. This year, it was perfect. Hopefully, next year she will embrace the song and her friends singing to her. Although, if she’s group shy like me, that may never happen.

Happy 2nd birthday my little pea. You’re such a big girl!

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