Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bachelor Brad

If you are a trashy reality TV watcher, just like me, you will know that the new season of The Bachelor on ABC started this past Monday. I usually watch this show, begrudgingly, because I have a tiny little hope that these people are really looking for love in a world where its hard to find the right person. But, come on really, are they going to meet "the one" on TV and in 6 weeks - probably not.

This season I am especially invested because Bachelor Brad's identical twin is my neighbor. Yes, you read that right. I am one door down from a reality TV star's brother. Not only his brother, but his IDENTICAL twin. If you did catch the episode on Monday you will have noticed that they are just a little gorgeous. I am sad that my neighbor and I share lawn service and I don't get to see the twin out there every so often working up a sweat. Sorry, honey, no offense, you are equally as gorgeous outside and in, love of my life. But, really, they're a good looking pair.

The best part about the Bachelor's twin living next door, is that I can get the real scoop on what happens. I will be hanging outside more just to see if I can catch Chad or his beautiful wife long enough probe them with questions. And, find out if Brad has actually found the love of his life. Or, if its just one big PR scheme. Secretly, I hope he does find someone, because they are by far the nicest most genuine people on the planet. And, I'm not just saying that in case they read my blog. :)

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