Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Couch Potato Classics

I’ve officially fluffed the Sarah-shaped imprint out of my couch. Good riddance!

Anyone who knows me knows that lazy Saturdays… and Sundays… and Mondays… and Tuesdays are not my gig. Especially when it’s a glorious 80 degrees outside and there’s an abundance of great Christmas party food to be had. I guess on the plus side, this whole fiasco might help me avoid the holiday “muffin top” over my skinny jeans this year.

My girlfriends armed me with enough mindless smut reading for a lifetime – thank you ladies! But in between brushing up on Brit’s latest pregnancy scare and Brangelina’s plans to expand their little cult – er, I mean family – I was forced to flip through the channels to find anything, ANYTHING other than soaps on daytime television.

Is it just me, or do the TV gods smile down upon all of us when we’re under the weather? Maybe it was just my lucky weekend, but the classic girlie movies were back to back to back. If I was going to be stuck relying on the tube to keep me company, at least I could be thankful that my company was in the form of cheesy, tear-jerking, completely unrealistic characters like Vivian Ward and “Baby” Houseman.

Here’s a list of some of my personal top chick flicks, all of which aired this weekend if you can believe it:

Dirty Dancing – Nobody puts Baby in a corner. And nobody can look me in the eye say this movie doesn’t also fall somewhere in their top ten.

Pretty Woman – Hooker turned debutant, check. Shopping spree on Rodeo, check. What more does a movie need?

Terms of Endearment – Call me sadistic, but I find myself having to watch this gut wrencher any time it’s on. I love you mom!

The Cutting Edge – Hey, I said “my top picks” not award-winning films. Don’t judge. Toe pick!

(Very) honorable mentions: Father of the Bride, Bridget Jones’s Diary, Miss Congeniality.

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