Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Fried turkey, happy christmas

Christmas was great this year. Apart from some small family drama, we had a really wonderful holiday. Lillie received more gifts than you can imagine. Her Mimi and Poopah are too generous, not to mention Santa and Mom and Dad. The girl is now equipped with every toy kitchen item and play ball set imaginable.

I can't help but think about my childhood and waking up Christmas morning to find Santa's presents under the tree. My sister and I would sleep in the same bed the night before, and I would always make her wake up at 5 am to see what was waiting for us! With much protesting she always obliged.

That Christmas feeling is something that never goes away. When I woke up yesterday, I still had the same butterflies and excitement I would feel as a child. I think that is why we all love this holiday so much. Remembering our childhood, being with family, and not having to worry about a thing besides presents and laughter.

I hope all of your families are enjoying this holiday, and having those same excited butterflies!

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