Thursday, November 6, 2008

Baby's feet as a fashion statement.

I can remember when my husband and I were buying up all the baby goods we could when Lillie was first going to arrive. And, for some reason Cy was very concerned about getting enough socks. Since I was delivering in September, I didn’t really think much about it. But he is, by nature, a sock lover, sometimes regrettably even wearing them with flip-flops. I can see how warming up the baby’s toes was particularly important.

I have tried many a sock on my baby. And, nothing can compare to Trumpette baby socks. First and foremost for the stylish mommy, these unique baby socks are fashionable and fun. Our friends at Trumpette have found a way to make sweet baby’s feet look like they are wearing tiny little shoes. Put the most popular Mary Jane sock on your little and she will receive more compliments and giggles from baby cheek pinchers than you can handle.

Second and just as important, these baby socks stay on your child’s feet. Even when crawling around, the Johnny Sneaker socks and sweet Ballerina socks will stay put. I have test driven every sock from most major retailers and really nothing compares to the Trumpette baby socks.

Other great styles include: Pixies socks, made to look like ballet flats and Cowboy socks, little tiny boots for great western flair. I promise it will be the one item in your baby’s wardrobe that you will continually receive oohs and aahs over. As winter approaches, socks are going to become increasingly more important. Why not have your little make a fashion statement with their feet? You’ll have as much fun with them as baby does.

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