Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Perfectly paired gift ideas.

I love presents, who doesn’t? Receiving that perfect little package with something exciting inside is always a highlight for me. Birthdays, Christmas, anniversary…you name it, I love it. But honestly, what I love more than receiving is giving. I love to pair things together, think about the recipient and try to give something meaningful. Baby showers are great opportunities to give a perfectly paired gift.

The best thing about giving baby gifts is they are not too expensive, so you can really find two or three things that make a great little package. If you are challenged in the gift giving area, some words of advice. Pair things that belong together in theme. Make a bath gift with just bath items or a gift all about sleeping with blankets and pajamas. If you stay in a theme or idea, you can’t go wrong with a pairing. I mean, come on, all baby things are precious. You just have to put the right ones together and it’s guaranteed to be a hit.

Here are some examples of great gift pairings by theme.
Bath Themed GiftBaby bath themed gift:
> White Baby Bathrobe
> Sassy Snap & Squirt Sea Creatures
Bedtime Themed GiftBaby bedtime themed gift:
> Zutano Super Stripe Footie pajamas
> Angel Dear Bunny Napping blanket
> WubbaNub Pink Pony pacifier
Mealtime Themed GiftBaby mealtime themed gift:
> Baby Cie Jungle baby dishes
> Felt Market fruit play food
Personalized Themed GiftBaby personalized themed gift:
> Monogram Angel Dear Duck lovie
> Monogram Angel Dear Duck pillow
Travel Themed GiftBaby travel themed gift:
> Dwell Transportation bib & burp set
> Dwell Transportation travel case
> Dwell Transportation bottle bag

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