Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Culture shot: Saturday afternoon fever

Baby Loves Disco
For most baby in bar cases, I’m inclined to pass a little judgment toward the parents. Really people? A baby in a bar? I’m not suggesting that all adult fun has to abruptly end upon the birth of your children. The fun you’re used to might just have to change a little. What’s one more change in this utterly life-altering experience you’re going through anyway?

But don’t write off your favorite night club just yet. If you live in one of the 27 super cool cities already on board with Baby Loves Disco, you’re free to keep on grooving. Dancer/caterer/brilliant mompreneur Heather Murphy dreamed up Baby Loves Disco as a way for parents to share the spirit of music and dance with their little ones. It’s a truly kid-friendly AND parent-friendly activity that dances all over the usual trip to the park.

Hip lounge by night, kiddie playground by day, the Baby Loves Disco venues are transformed into child proof discos for toddlers, pre-schoolers and parents to take a break from the norm and really let loose. Disco ball, live DJ, bubble machine and all.

So burn baby burn, disco is evidently not dead. It’s just moved to Saturday afternoons instead of nights.

> Visit babylovesdisco.com to see if your city is cool enough

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