Sunday, January 27, 2008

A toddler and a two year old take a ride

This Friday I picked up my niece, Anna, from day care with Lillie in tow. This was the first time I had both girls in my car all by myself, and I have to say the conversation was classic.

Me: "Anna, would you like to watch Sesame Street when we get home?"
Anna: "Yes, but let's go your house."
Me: "Well, we can't right now, we'll watch Sesame Street at your house. Who's your favorite character?"
Anna: "ZOE!"
Me: "Do you like Elmo?"
Lillie: "EMMO! EMMO!"
Anna: "No, baby Lillie likes Elmo. I like Zoe."
Me: "Oh, ok, sorry."
Anna: "The moon has shadows. Need big ladder go to the moon."
Me: "Or maybe an airplane."
Lillie: "AIRPWANE!"
Anna: "Yeah. But, ladder is at the house."

I could go on and on. Our drive was quite long with traffic, but that was just a little sample. The whole thing made me very excited to think about Lillie having a sister or brother and conversations like this happening daily. Might even be enough to start the clock ticking. Well, we'll see.

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