Friday, January 11, 2008

Holy celebrity baby!

The poor stork assigned to the Hollywood precinct has been working overtime today. Nicole Richie, Christina Aguilera, Toni Collette and Courtney Thorne-Smith all welcomed their bouncing bundles of paparazzi joy into the world.

I’m not going to even remotely suggest that any childbirth is a piece of cake, but I have to imagine Nicole’s birth experience is a tad different than what I can expect for my first born commoner. The ice chips are probably made of Evian, the hotel gown designed by Calvin Klein, and the meals delivered fresh from the fanciest restaurants on the strip.

On the flip side, the whole no privacy whatsoever thing might tip the scales back toward pain and misery. I seriously doubt my nurse will be furiously texting everyone in her address book the minute junior makes his debut. And I’m sure my husband and mother-in-law will be the only crazies snapping pictures of the poor little guy’s fresh cone head.

So what do you get the new baby of an ultra-hip celeb/rockstar/superstar mama?

black guitar onesierainbow babylegswinged heart onesie
red uglydogorange mod bowling shirtbrown trainers

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