Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Earth's Best Snacks

So, Sarah's post had me thinking about food. And, I wanted to share my discovery of a line of snacks that Lillie loves and I am more than happy to feed her. Earth's Best has partnered with Sesame Street to make meals, crackers, cereal and more for your toddler. I've always liked the Earth's Best brand, but not until recently did I start to offer these foods to Lillie. She LOVES the crackers and snack bars, and especially the oatmeal "tookies".

We struggle most every day to find Lillie foods that she is happy to eat. Mostly I get the waving of the arms and the tiniest "nnno" from her at meal time. But, honestly, she never turns down the Earth's Best bars and snacks. I didn't even know they made meals until last night, and I cannot wait to try them out on Lillie. Especially the little personal pizza.

The best part about these snacks and meals is they are organic. Before I had Lillie, I never thought I'd be the parent who was crazy over organics for my child. But, when you start to make food decisions for someone other than yourself, you have to consider what is in the food. Certainly obstaining from pesticides and other chemicals is a good thing. And, you can feel really good about offering these foods that are healthy and fun.

Check out the Earth's Best Seasame Street line of food for your little one. It is a billion times healthier than the hungry man heart attack mentioned below (which I can't wait for Kevin to eat and report on), and will certainly have your pea excited for meals and snacks!

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