Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Terror-Free Tales

You’ve got the costumes, mapped out the candy-blazing trail, and picked up the “adult sodas” to sip out of your coffee mug while being dragged door to door by Bob the Builder and Dora the Explorer.

Hopefully dinner will consist of more than just Tootsie Pops and DOTS, but if you still find yourself scraping Bob and Dora from the ceiling at bedtime, maybe a fun Halloween book will do the trick to get them to go night night… even if still in their costumes.

Before you reach for a copy of Cujo or The Exorcist, check out these nightmare-free spooky stories previewed and recommended by the writers at in their Halloween Children’s Book Round-Up.

1) Tucker's Spooky Halloween by Leslie Mcguirk
2) Aaaarrgghh! Spider! by Lydia Monks
3) Sarah's Little Ghosts by Thierry Robberecht, illustrated by Philippe Goossens
4) The Crow: A Not-So-Scary Story by Alison Paul
5) The Mysteries of Harris Burdick: Portfolio Edition by Chris Van Allsburg

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