Thursday, November 1, 2007

Lillie + Chocolate = Silly

It was Halloween mayhem down here in the suburbs of Austin last night. I live in a neighborhood where most of the houses are filled with 5 year olds and under. So needless to say, this neighborhood is filled with lots of little trick or treaters post dinner time.

We successfully dressed Lillie in a fairy princess costume, minus the tutu, last night and headed out with my niece and friends around the hood. My fairy princess did an excellent job going to a couple of houses, although at each one she thought she could just saunter right in and make herself at home. Especially if there was a dog or cat greeting her at the door as well.

Our group made the rounds herding our little ones and convincing my 2 year old niece that you didn't have to open all the candy right after it was handed out. I believe she ate 5 lollipops and was definitely on a little tiny lady bug sugar high towards the end of the evening. Lillie, on the other hand, had her first little chocolate bar while out and about. I broke it into little pieces and let her have at it. When all the chocolate was gone I promptly got the sign for "more".

As we came home in our chocolate buzzed state, Lillie became a little goofball. Mixing pieces of costumes and tottering around with a little sway in her step. She was for just a bit a tiny little party girl juiced up on chocolate. The evidence is in the pic above. Fast forward to 2025 when this little face is replaced by a college student! Those kids at Harvard won't know what to do with my little rebel.

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